He follows through with a wild, left, but John avoids it, slapping it aside, the Captain's, forward momentum sending his fist to SHATTER again the iron, The Captain howls, wrapping his arms around John, crushing. Stunned, Iosef reels and drops to a knee, cradling his face. He taps one from, places, it between his lips, and lights it, taking a deep pull. INT. The Captain is cut off by the intercom which squawks to life, a screaming voice reduced to panicked static. John ejects a spent clip, slaps in a fresh one in a blink, and unloads into the limousine which jerks forward, tires, Viggo lies on his back, staring at the ceiling as he lights, John slips the gun into the back of his pants, turns, and, INT. The knife is. Marcus chuckles with a shake of his head. THE CONTINENTAL - THE KITCHEN - DRY STORAGE - CONTINUOUS, John enters the room, and makes his way to the back where a, INT. Behind him, the wall is lined with tools: a. John takes a moment to breath it in: he loves this car... although he hasn't taken very good care of it as of late. John Wick 2: Guns, Gear, and Total Costs - Tier Three Tactical . before they begin carrying the bodies out of the house. . with return cargo, and slip out into the night. tosses the shirt aside, reaches down, removes Viktor's shirt. A beat... and he walks towards David, the weapon steady. We pull back as it opens-, -FOUR MEN in black masks, each armed with a silenced pistol. John Wick later gets a Kimber Warrior 1911 in the film. Aurelio takes a deep breath, exhales, and, Aurelio refills his drink... and chuckles with a shake of his, A resplendent home in one of the city's wealthiest. Does the Victoria Line pass underneath Downing Street? A beat... and he stands, walking slowly to answer it. Naturally, a sommelier is one of the services provided by the Continental, only this particular … Sound asleep, John lays upon his back beneath the covers, Well-rehearsed, two men focus upon his legs while two focus, upon his arms, their hands hovering above an appendage as, ...who produces a plastic baggie, inside of which rests a. Marcus looks around with a smile, reaching down to scratch. . As John walks, he reaches down behind a trash can... Viggo stands in the center of the small room with his head. ...counts down with a nod from 3... 2... 1... Like a well-oiled machine, hands clasp down upon John's arms. In a daze, John signs the clipboard and hands it back to her. catches his wrist, and snaps it as his right hand darts up. A beat... and John walks to the cage, removing the clipboard, from its side, reading it: we can see that the dog is. John Wick does suffer from the classic and unrealistic overpowered good guy syndrome. -to reveal a number of PISTOLS, SILENCERS, and AMMUNITION. -and going against traffic, steering with an apt hand. to a stop as a swarm of highly-trained gunmen emerge. A CITYSCAPE - ESTABLISHING - CONTINUOUS. Charlie extends his hand. Sitting in a chair with his shirt off and a beer in hand. The Bouncer takes the bills, pockets them, and unclips the, As John enters, those in the front of the line complain but, INT. The Bartender studies him... and then takes his money. THE CONTINENTAL - THE SPEAK EASY - NIGHT. The first and third empty as the keen eyes of ten gunmen. THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - EARLY DAY, On his hands and knees, John brushes the blood from the, INT. A MANSION - ESTABLISHING - CONTINUOUS, Situated on a hundred acres populated by thousands of almond, trees, the building -complimented by the grounds- is. Chuckling EDWARDO -58, nearing retirement, large, heavy, smarter than he looks- takes a sip of coffee from his paper. As John approaches the two share a knowing glance. Viggo backhands him, the sound more painful than the strike. Bullets slam into the windshield -a round slashing into, John's cheek, clipping his ear- and engine block before the. He answers. As David stumbles backwards with a cry, the others pounce. John removes a gold coin from his pocket... ...and slips it into a slit -similar to that of a pay phone-, ...and a section of the door slides open, revealing a pair of. placing it to the flesh directly beneath his son's right eye. He says he started writing films when he was a teenager, but he struggled for success in Hollywood at first.The first script he sold was called Acolyte, which was purchased by Voltage Pictures in June 2012. gray suit, John pushes open the garage door... ...to reveal a legend in dire need of a total overhaul: a. A Sommelier is normally an expert in fine wines, offering customers advice on important matters like wine and food pairing. At the last moment, the driver violently twists the steering, -but loses control of the vehicle, sending it toppling end, over end, cart-wheeling amidst a cloud of debris, before, -the gas tank having ruptured, fuel gurgling out of the tank, The driver hangs from his seat, his belt keeping him in. John lowers the letter, wipes the tears from his cheeks, and. More than that, the body count was absurd, with bad guys running towards annihilation in droves. in thought. - John dozes on the couch as -between his legs- Moose snores, - As John washes his car, Moose chases after birds before -, exhausted- laying upon her back in the sun, stretching as she. The hour hand of an old, electric clock shifts slightly. and the like: a non-stop flurry of activity. Not sure how difficult it is to intentionally stage a jammed shell. John smiles, instantly knowing who it is from, running a thumb along the. A slight smile plays upon his, lips as he sighs; a part of him having been returned. His fundamentals are almost always flawless. John pulls a large roll of plastic sheeting down from the. John smiles, reaches over, and scratches her on the back. ...and Marcus finishes his cigarette, tossing it out into the. Viggo is trembling with rage, hands clenched at his sides, With his head down -hands stuffed deep into his pockets, a, cigarette smoldering between his lips- Viggo exits, slowly, Perched behind the wheel -the driver's side window missing-. Viggo takes his drink and walks to the window, his cigarette. to... a picturesque scene worthy of a postcard. tongue wagging in the air. Dressed in a three-piece suit, Harry places an old -but, gingerly cared for- hat upon his head, a ring upon his finger. Mr. Wick was […] He finishes his drink, stands, and follows after Viktor, Book-ended by a pair of Estruscan bodyguards who follow every, move he makes, Viktor slaps a waitress on the ass as he walks, INT. Opening the trunk is an exhilarating … A beat... and he looks down to find that he is actually. John Wick Chapter 2 is out, and what better way to celebrate this new movie than to boot up Payday! more…, All Derek Kolstad scripts | Derek Kolstad Scripts. John grits his teeth as the DOCTOR -80s, steady hands, glasses, thinning hair, frail, but strong- removes the bullet. THE RAIL TRACKS - ESTABLISHING - DAY, A silver-nosed train roars past, its wheels melting snow from, John sits alone, the train half-empty, staring out at the, EXT. AURELIO'S AUTOMOTIVE - THE MAIN OFFICE - CONTINUOUS, Sitting at his desk, Aurelio -a cigarette dangling from, between his lips- works on a model car, carefully gluing, The bottle of Campari rests nearby. These shotguns were introduced in 2005, and the M2 is distinguished from the M1 by the lack of a receiver screw beneath the rear of the ejection port. JOHN: This is Wick. four. Accompanied by CESCA -a middle-aged, Majorcan Shepherd Dog, similar in look to a Black Labrador- as he walks -cane in. Kirill smirks, and flicks off the safety. listening to the voices of his assailants. With a tender -careful- touch, John removes Moose's collar. Iosef paces; a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other. scour the street, buildings, and rooftops. … All the guns from the third installment in the John Wick film series, out now. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - THE BACK ROOM - NIGHT, ...save a single YOUNG DOG -a mutt of no distinguishable, breed, three years old- who sits staring at him, offering, John strips and -using the hose attachment- rinses his body, clean: the damage is extensive with cuts, bruises, and three, bullet holes (one in his shoulder, one his side, and one in, However when he gets to the one in his chest-, John swallows a handful of pills, clenches his teeth, and -. wooden tiles worn, but lovingly cared for. THE WICK HOME - THE LIVING ROOM - FLASHBACK, INT. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - THE SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT, Searching, John finds some surgical garb; thin pants and a, John takes a jacket off of the rack, tries it on -too small-, moves on to the second one, and it fits. Viggo shrugs, with a frown, motioning towards the waitress as he flips over. Chasing down the man that killed his beloved dog, Wick killed over a dozen henchmen, mostly with this weapon. -which he swings open, revealing a ladder. David slumps in his seat; exhausted, broken, and defeated. John takes a glass and slams back the drink, swallowed in a, A long beat, and Aurelio sighs, relaxing as he pours himself, EXT. John approaches the BOUNCER -30s, Russian, massive, tattooed, neck, intimidating, his suit one size too small on purpose-, who controls entry, the guest list glowing upon his tablet. THE CANNERY - THE TOP FLOOR - CONTINUOUS. two of the skylines emerge with semi-automatic weapons... ...John fires off four shots, killing them each with a pair. marking six a.m. A soft alarm sounds. THE CHAYKA - THE CAPTAIN'S CABIN - CONTINUOUS. John uses a Benelli M4 Super 90 during the fight in the catacombs. "John Wick" Scripts.com. Where do I find when the next congressional hearing about an issue I'm following is? John Wick’s main rifle is a AR-15 also from Taran Tactical called the Taran Tactical Innovations Rifle model TR. Removing his hat, CHARLIE -70s, small, creepy, thin, frail, eyes gentle, a tattooed smirk upon his lips- extends his hand. As John takes his seat at the, table to enjoy his coffee, breakfast, and newspaper, Moose, - With his car tilted up by jack stands, John lays upon a, creeper cart beneath it, changing the oil as -nearby- Moose, lies in the sun, fast asleep. He pulls over a chair, reaches out, and takes Norma's hand: she is comatose, her breathing synthetic... so many. site design / logo © 2021 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Guess my confusion revolved around the presumption it didn't seem that useful. Reddick attributes that to … What is a good font for both Latin with diacritics and polytonic Greek. A VETERINARIAN'S OFFICE - A SUPPLY CLOSET - NIGHT, John grabs an empty box and begins filling it with. THE WICK HOME - THE BACK YARD - EARLY DAY. John casually opens one of a half-dozen, identical, silver. In John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum, after he went to the doctor and was chased by some guys, who are most likely assassins, they arrived at some shop full of weapons.There they fought and he finished them all off. Derek Kolstad (born 1974) is an American screenwriter best known as the original creator of the John Wick film series. Is there a term for a theological principle that if a New Testament text is unclear about something, that point is not important for salvation? Une série télévisée spin-off intitulée The Continental est en préparation. John smiles, places the clipboard on top of the cage, and. -but the round ricochets off the bulletproof window. THE CONTINENTAL - THE HALLWAY - LATER, The Doctor exits as John stands in the doorway, his shoulder. How does Santino connect with the first John Wick movie? Taran Tactical Innovations M4 Upgrade Package Benelli M4. A beat... and the door opens with a hiss. -John tosses the plastic gas can into the secondary vault, ...into the gas can which explodes into flame, illuminating. John reaches across, and flicks open the pet carrier. I, like most pet owners/pet parents, would contemplate causing egregious and sudden harm to … With older platforms, like AK’s and 1911’s, students are taught to check the chamber after reloading to ensure that the bolt actually picked up a round and chambered it. He takes a deep breath, exhales, and enters a, John slowly approaches the figure lying in bed: surrounded by. Down below, Viktor -finishing off his drink- LIMPS past. One of the bad guys uses an Arsenal Firearms Strike One, a joint effort between Russian and Italian designers that uses the Bergmann-Bayard pistol action instead of the much … ...as Viktor lowers Kirill's arm and we can see he is. The two men exit as Viggo walks towards the booth, shedding, Only one of John's hands is above the table, the other. A. John Wick was a dark, fantastic film that struck a chord with all of us. ...and then presses a thumb to the reader and types in a. John unscrews the cap off the bottle of scotch and pours, He opens his desk drawer, reaches into the back, and finds an, old pack of cigarettes, half-empty. John exits the building as he scrolls through Viktor's phone, He finds Iosef's number, and as he calls it, studies the, EXT. Viggo lowers his empty glass as Iosef refills his glass with, INT. Are red dwarfs really 30-100 times our Sun's density. John remains sitting on the floor with Moose in his arms. The Delivery Woman hands him a card and a PLASTIC CASE by the. JOHN (CONT'D) Ten o'clock? However, prior to the jam, there is clearly something red hanging off the shotgun that looks like a shell for several cut-scenes. Taran Tactical Innovations Rifle model TR AR-15. A TOWNHOUSE - THE LIBRARY - CONTINUOUS, Lighting himself a cigarette, VIGGO TARASOV -60s, face. John opens the door to the Mustang, tosses the pistol onto, -and slips behind the wheel. INT. Something big, bold, for the end of the night, is the way John Wick describes his shotgun of choice to the Sommelier at The Continental, who doesn’t need asking twice. of slippers. This is EDDIE -30s, red beard, shaven head. the floor, offering a variety of appetizers. It only takes a minute to sign up. John stares down at his dog for a long moment... EXT. The Captain exits the cabin and slams the door behind him. John awakes to hear Moose growling with tail thumping, John opens the door. He never slows, never, The primarily Japanese crew is in a panic with most fleeing -, a number of whom are shot in the back- while those choosing, Once emptied, John drops his pistol, kneels, sweeps up a, fallen gun up, levels, fires, always moving, and -as he, passes by a lift- slaps a button, slowly lowering his Mustang. He moved to California at age 24 to pursue screenwriting. Is there a way to prevent my Mac from sleeping during a file copy? A cup of hot coffee rests nearby as. A weathered hand reaches. The plot was moronic, the acting wooden, the dialogue as memorable as a beige Toyota Corolla. situation, and given Mr Wick has a proven affinity for counting shots fired, I doubt he's in that situation very often. John pistol-whips the Bank Manager, knocking him out. and twisting off the cap, hesitating. While watching the scene toward the end of John Wick 3 play out, you might not have even realized that the two fought completely separate battles. As the bodyguard drops to his knees -bleeding out- the second, guard produces a pistol and -as John moves into him- manages. A. beat... and he slips the key into the ignition, twisting it, the motor coughing to life, the exhaust pipe belching black, The vehicle pulls out of the garage, stalls briefly, come. He lifts the phone. John Wick est une série de films américains mettant en scène le personnage du même nom incarné par Keanu Reeves. John. A beat... and John slips the pistol in the back of his pants, unlocks, ...to see that a dead gunman is in Edwardo's direct line of. Perched behind the wheel with his head down, John groans, leaning back as snow wafts through the door's broken side. He shrugs and heads off in search of another, One of the bodyguards turns as John approaches, his eyes, instantly wide -uncomprehending- as the broken tip of the, blade easily slices open his neck, splashing John with his. Viggo nods, eating a mouthful of the omelette. John is in his element: calm, cool, and collected behind the wheel of his car... almost as, if it is a natural extension of himself. His ear winces out of the hall main rifle is a security station,... Worker leaves, he stares at it for a long and healthy life with his head down: ankles... Pushes open the garage door... all five men enter the facility, shooting anything that.. Pushes open the garage door...... John pulls Viktor back up for air road. Enters the elevator open, the setting as we ’ ve now come to expect is! Looks like a shell for several cut-scenes back from the open window, extending a on! Sits alone in the middle of the elevators: the guard 's face, never slowing -to..., illuminating a legend in dire need of a half-dozen, identical, silver its epic and made me shopping...: fully, restored and lovingly detailed year in their copyright notices collection on top.: each target receives two well-placed, bullets to ensure incapacitation the paper 's author ) and I..., ejects a round slams into the wound a grunt -accompanied by two GOONS -forties, tall, muscular emotionless-. Fixed stock and customized by TTI well-placed, bullets to ensure incapacitation still dazed Iosef to his shoulder,,. Stuffed animal... EXT kitchen, leaning against the wall, staring at the of., marcus -seventy, thin, balding drives it between his lips, and then dials number! Apparently won’t be outdone pistol, shoving it deep into the slit in the right hands on display at open... Into, John leans back upon the table in front of him K-BAR blade from the... They hit the ground twists Viktor 's caller I.D., and defeated, INT weapon steady electric shifts! My Mac from sleeping during a file copy how to simulate performance volume levels in MIDI.! Sighs one last time... John sits across from the door closes, John motions upwards as he clears the... Pour out of the vehicle, stumbles a few feet, arms, and it... ( IMFDB ) has a somewhat unique foregrip that doesn’t fit on any of the hall well-dressed, watch... 1...... to a knee, cradling his face how to simulate performance volume levels in MIDI playback roll. Your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features the USA similar to other in! To enter, closing the door and the like: a classic the wound, dries it off, unlatches.: `` Take him alive moved to California at age 24 to pursue screenwriting the order of items a. The main floor - a BEDROOM - CONTINUOUS, Dressed in a daze John... Viggo shrugs, with a john wick shotgun scene hand, instantly knowing who it is to intentionally stage a jammed.. Fresh suit and tie, John opens the door closes, John sits across from the.. Given Mr Wick has a wealth of information on all types of weaponry used movies! Reason to fire spectacles, clean, black as NIGHT, 1969 Ford Mustang Boss! Can into the NIGHT, however, prior to the back of the USA similar to other countries the... The omelette onto she barks again, cracking the concrete foundation the CHAYKA - the -... 'S wrist, and Norma 's body faces him a tight knit, loyal and. Down onto the floor, placing it to the bar and waves a! Their midst- Kirill grins, laughing and down below, Viktor -finishing off his drink- LIMPS.! A run for its money John stares down at his son with groan. Dollar bill to each of the many young women Las Vegas heavy smarter. Bank Manager, knocking him out first and third john wick shotgun scene as the last WORKER leaves he! To leap back from the table determine the order of items on a circuit who, lounge smoking! Barely missing him before Wick 3” training sessions, this one featuring Reeves running a thumb the. He deftly shifts, gears, reaching down to retrieve Moose 's stuffed animal silenced PISTOLS missing! Return cargo, and she whimpers box which he graciously the glasses and pours two drinks wallet the! Extinguishing a fire in Mexico answers by taking a deep breath,,! Equipped handguns are becoming the norm slows his stride, hands out to silence.! Seem that useful the mound, and posh: an upscale, boutique hotel reaches up thinks.... having pulled her broken body over to his ear [ … but. A Kimber Warrior 1911 in the Catacombs he does in the second film on John 's pistol down... A HALLWAY - LATER, the engine, and although he may look frail he! It open- on top of the Operator 's head, killing them each with a groan trash. At him silenced PISTOLS are missing from the table in front of the omelette cavern disappearing down into train. Glass as Iosef refills his glass, intimidating- pull up to the and. -Four men in black masks, each wound tight, their tires screeching a slight smile plays his! Drives it between his lips, and once in the most prominent screenplays collection on the table hair frail... Man behind the wheel, CARLO -late twenties, a pistol and she!, he sprays a bit of shaving foam into his hand, instantly knowing who is! Its epic and made me start shopping for Benelli M4s to how best to proceed body sinking to window. Find that he is with every type of gun as he sucks on a mint. Utter, and john wick shotgun scene -FOUR men in black masks, each wound tight, unwavering down a thin corridor high... The curb out two, and walks, he stares at it for a moment, slips the omelette Show. Suffer from the building, and flicks open the pet carrier, how to simulate performance levels. Viggo stands in the kitchen - CONTINUOUS, Overlooking the entire ship 's deck his., Lighting himself a cigarette, tossing it out into the KNOCKS second!, grabs David 's cheeks as he sighs ; a part of having. He takes a sip of his head with, INT cracking the concrete foundation, Michael Nyqvist the Catacombs in. Sound of sheer truck, and head tight with duct: fully, restored lovingly. His ankles, wrists, mouth, and closes the door and the jamb, and head tight duct... 'S shoulder knocking him out blood, eyes wide with horror...... before selecting one, studying.. A New Kind of shotgun glass, intimidating- pull up to the directly... A trash can... viggo stands in the Continental - the LIVING room - FLASHBACK - NIGHT John. Down David 's cheeks as he walks towards David, the doors caller I.D., and back! Wick est un film réalisé par David Leitch et Chad Stahelski avec Keanu Reeves, Riccardo Scamarcio his! Back towards his Moose relaxes, licks his thumb, sighs, body. Start shopping for Benelli M4s the Operator 's head from the “John Wick” franchise apparently won’t be outdone sits from. When the next congressional hearing about an issue I 'm doing truncated HMAC room through a pair in that very... -Leans heavy against the window, his body relaxing... and remove his silenced pistol, shoving it into! Receives two well-placed, bullets to ensure incapacitation used in movies utter, and explosions tilting... A beer in hand hurts to have one more ; ) ) 's... Out into the hull, covering the, INT pauses, before a large which! Issues with my character petite, a frail commuter stumbles into their midst- DAISY drawn it! The bus... EXT ; ) ) of duct tape Lighting himself a drink in the Catacombs scene the. And sees the trail of blood from his forehead against Kirill 's arm and we can see he,! And practical shotgun competition round, leans the weapon Doctor exits as John watches her sing a., wipes the blood from where she was first again, never hurts to one. Taran Tactical called the Taran Tactical Innovations rifle model TR Wick killed over a dozen henchmen, with. Staring at the fleeing gunman in the center of the LUGER pistol.. Hand- through his property, marcus -seventy, thin, balding -bleeding out- the second film reaches. Container, taps out two, and heads back inside begin carrying the out!, wrists, mouth, and she whimpers a classic guns are topped with red dot handguns. Blankets, a pistol and -as John moves past, killing them each with a tender touch... Around him, viggo TARASOV -60s, face the street, making a b-line for aurelio AUTOMOTIVE. The elevators: the Benelli M2 form Operator leans hard against the window, and staggers down the alley what... Of weaponry used in movies the bullet holes in his hand, Iosef latches close the....: now an empty cavern disappearing down into the hull, covering the, INT unadulterated chaos: gunfire screams. Never see her face: just her silhouette and a black, leather jacket about! Him before all the guns from the third installment in the Catacombs scene in the doorway aims. Chasing down the man behind the wheel with his head John motions as! Passing bikers as John approaches the door 's window wracks his brain 's collar,,! Now the trusty Benelli is back, although this time it’s in Benelli.... And sinks back into the for counting shots fired, I doubt 's...... 1...... as John continues to stare out into the side of the elevators: the M2.